Are you ready for a higher level of sub-bass performance?

For those who seek the ultimate in sub-bass fidelity, we offer three ProWedge™ systems featuring our flagship W7AE subwoofers. Also available are ProWedge™ systems that harness the power, small box requirements and sound quality of W6v3 and TW3 subwoofer drivers to deliver stunning output and stellar sonics in a variety of vehicles and applications.

Made in USA
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GBP£ 1,389.99 Single 13W7AE ProWedge, Sealed, 3 Ω


GBP£ 1,149.99 Single 12W7AE ProWedge, Sealed, 3 Ω


GBP£ 979.99 Single 10W7AE ProWedge, Sealed, 3 Ω


GBP£ 1,299.99 Dual 12W6v3 ProWedge, Sealed, 4 Ω


GBP£ 789.99 Single 12W6v3 ProWedge, Sealed, 2 Ω


GBP£ 629.99 GBP£ 503.99 (Save GBP£ 126.00 (20%)) Single 10W6v3 ProWedge, Sealed, 2 Ω
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