FAQ: General / Miscellaneous Questions

What does "J L" stand for?
The first initials of company founders James Birch and Lucio Proni.

What are JL Audio's hours?
Customer Service and Technical Support are open Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Phone: 01202 664390
Fax: 01202 664399
Customer Service E-Mail: info@celsusice.co.uk
Technical Support E-Mail: info@celsusice.co.uk

Where do I go for warranty or non-warranty service?
Your authorized JL Audio retailer will handle warranty claims and can also arrange for service on out-of-warranty products. You are also welcome to contact our Customer Service Department if you need further assistance.

What is the warranty on my equipment?
The warranty term varies depending on the product. Consult our detailed Warranty information.

How much does it cost to fix (X) product if it is out-of-warranty?
Service costs vary depending on the product. Your local authorized dealer has service cost information for all products currently eligible for out-of-warranty service (some older products can no longer be serviced).

Can I get my discontinued woofer repaired?
It is our policy to offer service on products as long as parts are available. For some older products, service is no longer available.

Can I order amplifier/speaker service parts directly from JL Audio?
With the exception of a few cosmetic parts not requiring major work, we do not sell replacement parts to consumers or outside service providers.

If I purchase JL Audio equipment from the Internet, do I get a warranty?
You must purchase from an authorized JL Audio online retailer for the factory warranty to be valid. Products purchased from unauthorized retailers are not covered by JL Audio's Limited Warranty Policy. For more information, please review our Internet Sales Policies.

How do I get a sponsorship from JL Audio?
Review our Sponsorship Policies