PS-SWMCP-C-SM: Clear Anodized VeX™ Enclosed Speaker System Surface Mount Fixture

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Clear Anodized Surface Mounting fixture for PS650-VeX models. Sold in pairs.

Designed to attach VeX™ Enclosed Speaker Systems to flat surfaces, these low-profile mounting fixtures are precision-machined from marine-grade aluminum to create rock-solid attachment points. A swivel-mounting base is included with each fixture for 360 degrees of total rotation, allowing precise aiming of each VeX™ pod for optimum sound. Each fixture features a tough, clear anodized finish that’s UV/corrosion-resistant and includes stainless-steel hardware for years of durability in all outdoor environments. Each mounting fixture set is designed to mount two VeX™ Pods.

Product Model SKU # Price
PS-SWMCP-C-SM 91191 119.99
PS-SWMCP-B-SM 91190 119.99
PS-SWMCP-B-2.625 93707 159.99
PS-SWMCP-B-2.375 91185 159.99
PS-SWMCP-B-2.250 91192 159.99
PS-SWMCP-B-2.000 91184 114.99
PS-SWMCP-B-1.875 91183 114.99
PS-SWMCP-B-1.750 91182 114.99
PS-SWMCP-B-1.625 91181 114.99
PS-SWMCP-B-1.500 91189 114.99
PS-SWMCP-B-1.250 91188 114.99
PS-SWMCP-B-1.000 91187 114.99

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