Liberate your soundtrack and unleash its potential!

JL AUDIO offers a complete line of advanced digital signal processors designed to improve the quality of your audio experience. If you are building a new audio system and need to retain the factory head unit, look to our FiX™ OEM Integration DSPs. They correct and condition your factory audio signals to correctly feed your new audio system.

Why do you need a FiX™? Great audio begins with a flat, full-range stereo signal from its source. While this seems obvious, you need to know that many factory-installed audio systems are deliberately designed with altered audio outputs to compensate for factory speaker quality and placement. In many cases, the only available signals are chopped into different frequency ranges, making the integration of quality amplifiers and speakers even tougher. Attempting to use corrupted and chopped-up audio signals usually results in poor audio quality.

What does FiX™ do? In a nutshell, FiX™ OEM Integration DSPs level match, time-correct, reconstruct and re-equalize factory audio signals automatically, giving you clean, flat, full-range audio signals to build your new audio system around.

Then what? Whether your audio system uses a factory source unit with a FiX™DSP or an aftermarket head unit, our TwK™ System Tuning DSPs are built to take your sound to the next level. Equipped with a powerful, 24-bit digital signal processor, TwK™ processors include flexible input/output options, 80 total bands of equalization, channel delays and powerful mixing tools that allow you to precisely adjust and fine-tune your audio system. Using the TüN™ Software Interface, connected via PC, tuning adjustments are easily made, for all system types, from basic to complex.

Whether you’re upgrading a factory audio system or building the system of your dreams, our OEM Integration and System Tuning DSPs are engineered to help you achieve world-class sound.

OEM Interface

Turn OEM challenges into aftermarket dream systems with JL Audio OEM Integration products.

System Tuning

Unleash the power of DSP to tune your system like never before!

Processor Accessories

Calibration CD's, replacement knobs and harnesses for OEM Integration products.

System Expansion

System Expansion products are designed to expand the functionality of any aftermarket system. The CL-RLC provides level control capabilities (CL-RLC).