JL?Audio PowerWedge™ systems have defined value in engineered low-frequency systems for almost two decades. Built in our Miramar, Florida factory, PowerWedge™ systems utilize state-of-the-art CNC woodworking equipment and feature top-quality MDF construction, steel-mesh grilles, five-way binding post connectors, high-grade automotive carpeting and JL Audio ECS internal wiring. A two-year warranty sweetens the deal, as well.

The PowerWedge™ sealed enclosure designs are precisely matched to their JL Audio drivers by our engineering team, allowing the pair to deliver outstanding bass quality while keeping the overall enclosure dimensions as compact as possible. You won't get the same results from poorly-built, poorly-matched, generic enclosures that are advertised as "universal" enclosures.

Truck PowerWedge™

Loaded, wired, ready to install nearly anywhere!

Sealed PowerWedge™

Sealed PowerWedge™ systems incorporate the outstanding, U.S.-built TW1, TW3 & W3v3 drivers in quality, MDF-constructed, sealed enclosures to deliver smooth bass response. All this, while remaining compact enough to fit in most vehicles.