C2 coaxial speakers receive the Talk Audio Best Buy award


Talk Audio have been around for a long time and have wealth of knowledge when it comes to car audio. We were therefore thrilled with their review of our C2-650X line.

"A startling experience for those who think that car audio is a load of old boom and tizz. These JL Audio C2-650X loudspeakers sound like the sort of posh home hi-fi speakers that would cost way more than the price tag asked for these. A real slice of the high-end experience, they are beautifully built and the silk dome tweeters feature ferrofluid cooling and damping for an astonishing performance. The bass output is literally remarkable, all but the deepest notes handled with aplomb. Even at £170 they are a 10 for value for money."

Be sure to read the full review on TalkStuff.net including Adam's video of the test in action.

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