Sponsorship Policies

How do I get sponsored by JL Audio?
We appreciate your interest in being sponsored by us! We receive hundreds of sponsorship requests every month. While it would be nice to make everyone happy, the reality is that we must be very selective in whom we work with.

Individual Sponsorships for show cars and competition cars:
If you are an individual seeking help with a vehicle project, we recommend that you work closely with your local authorized JL Audio dealer. Any requests for individual sponsorship must be made through an authorized dealer. Please be aware that we very rarely sponsor anyone and that those we do sponsor generally have a long history of commitment to JL Audio and of national-level competition success. For us to seriously consider a competition sponsorship request, you need to show that you have these qualifications. We will not sponsor anyone who competes in competition divisions that do not allow manufacturer support (novice, amateur and the like).

Car Clubs:
The same criteria that apply to Individual Sponsorships apply to car clubs. Please work with your local authorized dealer.

Corporate Projects:
If you are a company seeking product assistance for a major corporate car project, please send a proposal to Lucette Nicoll at Nicoll Public Relations