Enclosed Systems

Ideal for wakeboard towers, deck/surface or tube-mounted applications, these beautifully enclosed coaxial systems deliver stunning JL Audio sound quality thanks to their 7.7-inch and 8.8-inch JL Audio coaxial speakers.

For larger boats or yachts requiring serious full-range party speakers, consider the 3-way, bi-amp M103EWS systems. Each one features our 10-inch IB5 subwoofer, plus our 7.7-inch M-series coaxial for devastating output and clarity.

Enclosed Full-Range Systems

These ultra-powerful speaker systems incorporate our premium marine coaxial in its own sub-enclosure, within the main fiberglass enclosure.

Enclosed Speaker Systems

Gorgeous enclosed speaker systems, ideal for mounting onto wakeboard towers, deck/surface or other tubular structures on a boat.

Enclosed Subwoofer Systems

These beautiful enclosed marine subwoofer systems are loaded with our premium M-Series subwoofers and are available in two distinct looks: black with a sport-grille or white with a classic grille.